Troy Denning – Dark Nest, Volume 1 Audiobook

Troy Denning – Dark Nest, Volume 1 Audiobook (The Joiner King)

Troy Denning - Dark Nest, Volume 1 Audio Book Download
Dark Nest, Volume 1 Audiobook

As I began reading this, I could not aid but wonder what else can potentially occur to the galaxy after the Yuuzhan Vong Battle. Up until now, the previous series included one of the weirdest and also most affecting intrusions the Star Wars galaxy has ever before experienced … exactly how could the authors perhaps leading that? While maybe not topping the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, The Joiner King definitely introduces and intriguing brand-new conflict with a new brand of bad guy while still efficiently connecting the story in to the Star Wars timeline. Spoilers comply with.

The overall story was really rather interesting. We have actually all read Star Wars publications that have actually seemed like the same story rehashed. Yes, the story does include Dark Jedi (two acquainted faces) endangering the Galactic Alliance, but it offers the idea in a new way (taking over nests of pests in the Unknown Regions). The reappearance of Raynar Thul was an instead bittersweet minute (excellent to see that he lived … however depressing to see what he’s come to be). Dark Nest, Volume 1 Audiobook Free. The beginning was a little slow, yet I expect it is required to spend some time to set up the story and also the personalities (as well as it interested see what everyone’s been up to in the five years since the War finished). It appears to be in Denning’s style to fully set the story up before jumping into the activity. However, once the story got going, it got going. There was a bit of whatever here (action, romance, humour), meshing together to develop one Heck of a story. The climax didn’t fall short to leave me on the edge of my seat and also the resolution, while satisfying enough for this publication, definitely thwarted to more to find.

Troy Denning does a great work of keeping the characters we understand and also enjoy in character. I really feel that he especially caught Han’s personality well … something a lot of writers fail to do. Jacen’s character was additionally managed well. I believe I can see him gradually dropping in the direction of the Dark Side in the future (and if that takes place, he’ll be one Hell of a villain). I do miss the old Jacen … the one that featured in the Youthful Jedi Knights series as well as initially of the Yuuzhan Vong War. However, I think people all at some point grow up as well as transform, and also Jacen is no exception. I was glad that Denning rekindled the partnership Jacen as well as Tenel Ka when had (I was never a fan of the Jacen/Danni pairing) as well as took it to the next degree. Denning likewise did a wonderful job with the interactions between Leia and also Han … I feel they are in some cases neglected in favour of Luke and Mara (one more pairing I don’t actually look after). It was nice to see what has become of Ben. We never ever truly got to see him in the New Jedi Order, so it interested see just how he’s created. Jaina, Zekk, Tesar, Saba, and Alema were likewise taken care of well as well as kept in character. The only personality I wasn’t particularly pleased with was Buzz. He was a little bit as well cool in this book (in my simple opinion), which didn’t seem to match his personality in the New Jedi Order. Maybe he’ll transform in the next two books.

The various pests and also nests (backed by Dark Jedi) made for interesting villains. Having a slight worry of insects, I felt that casting them as the bad guys offered the tale a rather creepy feeling. The total concept of the Dark Jedi covertly regulating the nests was fairly complicated while still making sense, which actually worked with the tale.

Overall, this is the start to a promising collection. The story was intriguing and also solid and the personalities remained themselves while managing new scenarios. Certainly a good follow up to the New Jedi Order collection. It has actually been five years given that the Yuuzhan Vong intrusion was finished. The new government, the Galactic Alliance is functioning, together with the Jedi area, to bring back war-ravaged worlds and revive tranquility and also order to the galaxy. Troy Denning – Dark Nest, Volume 1 Audio Book Online. In the midst of these efforts comes an uncommon cry for aid via the Force, heard by only a pick couple of Jedi Knights. Hearing this strange telephone call, 8 Jedi have actually departed for the Unknown Areas. Tahiri and Tekli leave their work with Zenoma Sekot; Jaina, Zekk, Lowbacca, Alema, as well as Tezar terminate their tasks from the Jedi Council; as well as also Jacen has actually ended his journey in search for the meaning of the Force to answer the call.