Lou Anders – The Clone Wars Audiobook

Lou Anders – The Clone Wars Audiobook (Stories of Light and Dark)

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The Clone Wars Audiobook

This publication is comprised of 11 narratives, every one a novelization of an episode or arc from The Duplicate Wars (except one, even more information later on).

The writers are a mix of returning authors (Jason Fry, Zoraida Cordova, Rebecca Roanhorse and also others), with beginners to the galaxy such as Preeti Chhibber, Yoon Ha Lee and others, including Dave Filoni’s spouse, E. Anne Convery.

Choosing 11 arcs out of the entire series need to have been almost difficult, yet the options were made to highlight certain characters, Yoda, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, Asajj Ventress, Maul, Dooku, and so on and they work well in general.

As novelizations themselves, they include an additional viewpoint, often brand-new info yet in general all were very good.

The exception to the rule is “Bug”, Convery’s story concerning a tiny castaway girl who befriends a Dathomir witch on the follow the coven’s damage, which I discovered remarkable.

In short, this is a great collection of stories, if you’re a follower of the personalities or the television series you absolutely will not be disappointed. The Duplicate Battles: Stories of Light and also Dark is a collection of narratives from numerous writers that have composed Celebrity Wars stories for many years. Each story retells at the very least a section of among the Clone Wars computer animated collection episodes from a point of view of one of the characters (not necessarily one of the primary personalities) in the episode. In some cases that is from a “good guy’s” point of view and in some cases from one of the “crook’s” viewpoint. The Clone Wars Audiobook Free. So, if you have actually not seen the Clone Battles animated collection, as well as plan on enjoying it, do not read this very first as it will certainly spoil some of the episodes, consisting of major story lines or occasions that took place in the collection.

Guide is among the novels that come under the young adult category, however it is written all right that adults can conveniently enjoy it. It does an excellent task fleshing out several of the tale arcs and also the characters and also continues to bolster the top quality of the Duplicate Wars age of canon product, which, in my opinion, made the prequels much better when translucented the lens of the Clone Wars stories. It is rather brief, concerning 265 pages, as well as is a fast read. It can conveniently be read in a day if you have time to commit to it, or over the course of a few days. Depending, certainly, on just how swiftly you read. It is a need to for determined fans of the animated collection, and something that is nice to review for every person else. I have to state that this publication is amazingly amazing. It’s not like what I anticipated, it’s even more interesting and has more information than I assumed it would have. That’s what I have actually experienced after ending up guide. I likewise want to state that the shipment was quick also. I purchased it as well as got it the next day, no prime. I would certainly say you need to go all out as well as read it, you will certainly not regret it. The last story in the book, “Pest,” was apparently not included in the advancement copies, which is a pity since it is the only original tale, and also it’s a good one. This Duplicate Wars compilation, meant for middle quality youngsters, is composed primarily of retellings of Star Wars: The Duplicate Battles episodes.

That doesn’t indicate there’s little brand-new right here to appreciate. The majority of the tales use a brand-new take or some brand-new insight. In “Dark Vengeance,” for instance, we are treated to Trample monologuing concerning his favored topic, Obi-Wan Kenobi. “Kenobi’s Darkness,” a retelling of “The Lawless,” gives us a genuine peek at the rage – teetering toward the Dark side – Obi-Wan really feels at the climactic occasion of that episode. It’s an excellent thematic enhancement to Maul’s phase. Other tales provide viewers a look at Yoda’s musings on the duplicates, Padme’s battle to articulate the war’s toll on the Republic, and also Ventress’ search for direction after Dooku’s betrayal, simply to call 3.

As I discussed previously, the last tale in guide, called “Insect,” is original, as well as it’s probably my favorite of the bunch. Lou Anders – The Clone Wars Audio Book Online. It concerns the events of the episode “Massacre,” yet the story is very much its very own story. If you’re a follower of the Nightsisters and Dathomir, you won’t intend to miss it!

The audio variation of this title is a fantastic listen, as many stars from The Clone Wars series voice their corresponding personalities’ phases.