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 Greg Keyes РThe New Jedi Order Audiobook (Edge of Victory I Conquest)

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The New Jedi Order Audiobook

The New Jedi Order: Side of Success I: Occupation is a Star Wars Legends unique written by Greg Keyes. It is the 7th quantity of the Star Wars: The New Jedi Order series, following The New Jedi Order: Equilibrium Factor (2000) as well as coming before The New Jedi Order: Side of Success II: Regeneration (2001 ). It was first published in book by Del Rey on April 3, 2001. Both Edge of Success novels were later put together in a hardcover omnibus from the Science Fiction Publication Club. The amazing Celebrity Wars room adventure The New Jedi Order continues as Luke Skywalker, Anakin Solo, Mara Jade Skywalker, and also others battle their deadliest enemy in a story of nonstop action, shadowy wickedness, and also incredible triumph …

No more content with the devastation the Yuuzhan Vong have actually already planted, Warmaster Tsavong Lah has demanded the heads of all the Jedi. Now the Jedi Knights are in dreadful threat– and none a lot more so than the young pupils at the Jedi academy on Yavin 4. Already the sympathizers known as the Tranquility Brigade remain in the Yavin system– and also a Yuuzhan Vong fleet is stone’s throw behind.

At Luke Skywalker’s request, Talon Karrde mounts an exploration to rescue the young trainees. Anakin Solo has his own ideas. Restless, as well as figuring that forgiveness is less complicated to find by than approval, he removes for Yavin 4 in his X-wing.

When it involves confidence, courage, and also raw Pressure skill, Anakin has couple of peers. But when his friend Tahiri is divided from the various other academy youngsters and recorded by the Yuuzhan Vong, also Anakin may remain in over his head. For the aliens have a various future in mind for Tahiri, as well as they will stop at nothing to achieve their horrific ends … The New Jedi Order Audiobook Free. After Warmaster Tsavong Lah of the Yuuzhan Vong declares the Jedi to be recorded to stop their intrusion of the galaxy, Jedi are currently being hounded across the galaxy and also are either killed or captured by the Vong, hopeless citizens of the galaxy, as well as the Peace Brigade. On Coruscant, the New Republic finds out the Vong will certainly be taking control of Yavin 4, which is where the Jedi Praxeum lies. Anakin Solo disobeys both his uncle, Luke Skywalker, as well as the New Republic and also mosts likely to Yavin 4 to save the Jedi there. After combating Tranquility Brigade forces stationed around the moon, Anakin reaches the praxeum and meets Master Ikrit and his close friend Tahiri Veila. They and all the various other Jedi, including Kam Solusar, Tionne Solusar, Valin Horn, and also Sannah, have a short reunion with Anakin’s return. The Tranquility Brigade attacks the praxeum, killing Ikrit as well as capturing Tahiri while Anakin pirates among the Brigade vessels with Valin as well as Sannah. Later on, the full Yuuzhan Vong pressure led by Tsaak Vootuh declare the moon, eliminating the Tranquility Brigade forces. On the other hand, the remainder of the Jedi are grabbed by Talon Karrde’s company, sent by Luke to save them. Yet with Anakin, Tahiri, Valin, as well as Sannah still on the surface, Karrde and also his forces do not leave the Yavin system as well as decide to distract the occupying Vong forces long enough to get the 4 Jedi off the moon.

Anakin, swearing to save Tahiri, leaves Valin and Sannah with a captured Peace Brigade member, Remis Vehn, and a former Imperial TIE boxer pilot, Qorl. Anakin then begins a long expedition back toward the praxeum. Meanwhile, the Yuuzhan Vong Shaper caste, lead by Master Shaper Mezhan Kwaad and also her aide, Nen Yim, decide to begin shaping Tahiri as well as the whole jungle moon of Yavin 4 themselves, both psychologically as well as physically for Tahiri, right into making her think she is a Yuuzhan Vong. Back with Anakin, his long trip takes him right into a fight with Vong pressures that ruins the crystal in his lightsaber and also his weapon becomes useless to him. One more confrontation with Vong pressures nearly eliminates him had it not been for a rogue Vong who conserved him as well as tended his wounds. As the New Republic identifies regarding Anakin’s visibility and intents on Yavin 4, the rogue Yuuzhan Vong discloses he is Vua Rapuung. Rapuung tells Anakin that the only factor he conserved him was because the Vong warrior’s body chemistry had been physically changed by a Yuuzhan Vong shaper to Shame Rapuung by deforming him, transforming him into the Yuuzhan Vong’s castaway Reproached Ones culture, and he needs Anakin’s aid to get to the praxeum and shame the shaper further. Greg Keyes – The New Jedi Order Audio Book Online. Because the Jedi praxeum is Anakin’s destination anyhow, the young Jedi concurs and also takes a trip with the Shamed Vong warrior, and along the road, the two develop an uneasy connection due to their cultural differences that neither likes towards the other (as an example, Anakin locates Rapuung’s cold-blooded murder of a fellow Shamed One, Qe’u.