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Alexander Freed – Battlefront Audiobook (Twilight Company Star Wars)

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Battlefront Audiobook

Anyone that considers themselves a follower of the going’s on long ago in a galaxy far away … The story is established quickly after the devastation of the first Fatality Celebrity, with the discharge of Mirror Base upon Hoth as well as a short time afterwards, however not through the eyes of the primary lead characters we have actually all come to like given that their story was told around 40 years ago. The story completes the spaces between the main episode’s lines and also are for those who are curious as to what the rest of the rank and file elements of the Rebellion did, how they lived, combated as well as either survived to combat another project or passed away throughout whatever present battle that is their end. This is a well written read. Believe along the lines of Rogue One, but in this story not every person passes away. When I grabbed this publication, I had no real expectations that it would be good, or all that satisfying. I am not a player, so I haven’t played the game this ties into. Battlefront Audiobook Free. I was instead surprised to find that I liked this book, and also much more shocked to see that it was the author’s very first story.

I have missed this specific element of the Celebrity Wars EU given that the final Republic Commando novel. There hasn’t been a proper war story in time, and also I love to review stories from the point of view of boots on the ground. Showing the troops as hungry, unclean, weary every which way was area on. The curt exchanges between the primary personalities and also the gallows humor were very accurate and not extremely cheesy.

The best part of the book was the primary lead character Namir. He is a fight tired battle addict. He does not believe in the Rebel cause, yet he defends the man or woman or alien at his side. Just like most battle vets he does not look after the ideological backgrounds of individuals in charge or their politics. He just wants to keep individuals closest to him safe. What happens when he is placed in charge?

I likewise saw exactly how the new Celebrity Wars canon is fitting together more perfectly. The book mean what could happen if the Alliance were in fact to beat the Galactic Realm. Naturally the story doesn’t finish with Return of the Jedi. Of course the devastation of the 2nd Fatality Celebrity as well as the fatality of the Emperor does not mean the end of the war.

This book additionally shows how a certain team of characters from a certain program could be active and also we simply haven’t become aware of their exploits. But that is pure speculation on my part.

In general, I felt that this was the most thought provoking book to come out of the Star Wars EU in several years. I will definitely re-read it in the future as well as wish that Freed will create an additional publication for Star Wars in the future. This publication was a worthy enhancement to the Celebrity Wars tradition. This books is not like the Battlefront video game in any way (particularly taking into consideration that the game has no tale mode). This publication takes what you find out about Star Wars as well as executes it into a timeless battle tale. A team of Rebels undergo the gritty parts of battle throughout the Galactic Civil War to combat off the Empire. However it’s not that easy. Each character in guide defend a various factor. No person’s sights are cut and completely dry. Some don’t also know what they’re defending. The face of the Rebellion looks “great,” however several “negative” people deal with in it. I really enjoyed this book as well as I’m glad I tried it on the recommendation of other individuals right here on If you enjoy an excellent soldier’s perspective tale you will certainly like this. Alexander Freed – Battlefront Audio Book Online. I would certainly urge you to consider this as something akin to a real life battle like WWII, there are genuine human motivations for people acting the way they do. No very radical, naive heroes, as well as you may also identify rather with the “bad-guy” Imperials. Finally, I would claim this publication keeps a sense of realism to it all – there’s no informing when a stroke of good luck or a seemingly avoidable fatality will certainly take place to anyone at any time.