Aaron Allston – Rebel Stand Enemy Lines 2 Audiobook

Aaron Allston – Rebel Stand Enemy Lines 2 Audiobook (Star wars The New Jedi Order)

Aaron Allston - Rebel Stand Enemy Lines 2 Audio Book Download
Rebel Stand Enemy Lines 2 Audiobook

Rebel Wait Aaron Allston is publication # 12 of the 19 in the New Jedi Order as well as is the second book in the Opponent Lines duology. I have struggled at times making my means with NJO, however I believe that the tide has actually started to turn. There may be hope after all in the battle versus the Yuuzhan Vong, and also guides are starting to invest more time with activity and accomplishments than with Jedi ideology concerns. I applaud that.

The tale in Rebel Stand picks up where Rebel Desire left off. You can easily end up the very first publication and then go right into the 2nd. You will right away identify that the heros are still protecting Borleias and also trying quietly with a tiny team to do some things on Coruscant. Luke, Mara, as well as business (including some members of Wraith Armada) are moving around Coruscant attempting to collect info concerning the alien invaders. The world is a mess. The Vong have a tendency to change things when they relocate.

It turns out that Coruscant has even more threats than one would expect. An unknown bad power is in evidence, and Luke needs to find out exactly how to get rid of it. Rebel Stand Enemy Lines 2 Audiobook Free. The shock wickedness becomes Lord Nyax, a horrible animal who has actually made previous appearances in various other publications. This element produces an interesting turn away from just having to handle the Vong.

Other characters make return looks as well. The traitor Viqi Shesh is back, and they need to manage her. The author gives us a huge battle scene including the Dark Side with Luke appearing to be in incredibly dangerous circumstances. Mr. Allston is good at describing activity scenes when he decides to do it. In a different tale, Wedge is still leading the protection of Borleias. The controls and trickery entailed here are very intriguing. Some great room fights. The Super Celebrity Destroyer Lusankya even contributes.

I have actually enjoyed the Adversary Lines duology. There hasn’t been quite as much pain regarding choosing proper courses of action, and the New Republic heroes finally seem to be making some headway versus the Vong. Rebel Stand, the wrapping up volume of Aaron Allston’s Enemy Lines duology, picks up instantly where its precursor left off. Actually, with the exception of perhaps going against some publisher-established rule of how much time a Star Wars novel is enabled to be, there’s really no reason this required to be 2 books. Be that as it may, Rebel Stand does introduce right back into the defense of Borleias and also the expedition of the secret force placed onto Coruscant. The story elements from Rebel Desire are all got and also fixed adequately.

The standout storyline from Rebel Stand is the trip of Luke and also his group with terraformed Coruscant. The atmosphere is ominous as they travel through mile after mile of collapsing buildings covered in alien vegetation, accompanied by the noises of scampering survivors in the shadows as well as evading Yuuzhan Vong patrols. There are some nice comic moments with the participants of Wraith Armada who go along with the team as they gather intelligence about the extra-galactic invading force.

All of this is relatively straightforward fare, yet there is a massively strange twist to the plot. Aaron Allston – Rebel Stand Enemy Lines 2 Audio Book Online. A twisted, wicked power has increased on Coruscant as well as Luke’s group need to identify just how to deal with it. A survivor notifies them it is Lord Nyax, a mythical murder creature of Corellian tale. The reality is actually far unfamiliar person, as a hanging plot thread from Barbara Hambly’s Kid of the Jedi is suddenly returned to and also finished. I remembered the information after rotating back via that prior quantity a bit, yet Lord Nyax is genuinely an element out of left-field. And a welcome one at that, as the unrelenting concentrate on the Yuuzhan Vong is lightened a bit while we take this side trip (and also at that, Mr. Allston does not forget the Vong entirely, simply backburners them a tad).

Is Lord Nyax a required plot line? Not to my mind. Yet it is absolutely amusing as well as memorable. We likewise get looks from two-faced Viqi Shesh interwoven throughout, as well as a fascinating critical battle established beside a wellspring of Dark Side power. The ending fight between Luke, Mara, Tahiri and Lord Nyax is accordingly legendary as well as motion picture.